Pantera Partners with e-Takeoff to Provide Takeoff Software

Dec 5, 2013

December 5, 2013Pantera Partners with e-Takeoff to Provide Takeoff Software

Last Updated By Drew Smith On 12/5/2013

Pantera Global Technology, a leading provider of bid, project, and program management software, has teamed up with e-Takeoff, a foremost provider of takeoff and estimating software, to offer a free plan viewer and a trial of the full featured takeoff software. The offer, which is available to any contractor within the Pantera community, will give users complete access to the software and will allow them to share and review takeoff details and will help increase their productivity and accuracy.

“I feel that this offering will greatly benefit the thousands of contractors in the Pantera Community,” said Bart Adamson, Vice President, Pantera Global Technologies. “Takeoff software has the potential to reduce errors and greatly increase efficiency for contractors and e-Takeoff has demonstrated time and time again that is one of the best products on the market.”

e-Takeoff, recently selected as one of “The 5 Best Designs in Construction Takeoff Software” by software advice, is renowned for its simple user interface and also features advanced viewing, printing, measuring, and scaling. Curtis Peltz, CEO, e-Takeoff echoed the enthusiasm of the partnership, “We’re very excited about partnering with Pantera Tools. Pantera is a great platform for collaboration, so adding eTakeoff as another component to the integrated planroom and Project Management suite makes perfect sense!”

With the ability to directly integrate into Pantera Plan Room’s and Pantera Project Insight, a leading construction project management platform, Pantera users will find that the e-Takeoff software provides many avenues to efficiency during project estimating.

About e-Takeoff:

eTakeoff is a leading provider of electronic takeoff software for the construction industry. Focusing on electronic plan viewers and advanced takeoff tools that allow for quick and easy viewing, printing and quantity takeoff. The takeoff software is known for its ease-of-use, powerful user-defined assemblies and advanced symbol search technology.

visit e-Takeoff at

About Pantera Global Technology:

Pantera Global Technology, formed in 2009 by construction and technology veteran DeWayne Adamson, provides powerful bid, project and program management to the construction industry. The robust suite of Pantera products is well poised to become a major player in the Construction SAAS market.”

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