How Subcontractors Streamline Workflow and Projects

Aug 20, 2021

Miscommunication and lack of organization often cause project delays, rework, and lost time within the construction industry. Without a key central location for all stakeholders to track project progress, this leaves many opportunities for production errors. It’s no wonder subcontractors are looking for ways to quickly increase productivity, reduce rework, encourage team communication, and organize multiple projects in one location.
By having direct team communication, document storage, schedules, and photos in one software, team members in the field or office can easily monitor project progress. As a result, previously set schedules and budgets remain true.

That’s where we come in.

Pantera Tools encourages subcontractors to focus on what they do best by providing a single, central place for subcontractors to manage their projects, documents, and communication. Our newest features were created for subcontractors to do just that.

Streamline Your Project Management.

Assign Tasks

Adding and assigning tasks to your team members will help keep your projects on track and on time. With starting dates, dependencies, and task successors, all team members know exactly what they need to do, and when their tasks are due by. The progress bar shows the status of each task, without having to ask team members continuously. Have questions about a certain task or assignment? Upload attachments and comments so everyone is on the same page.

Quickly View Project Status

Need a quick way to view the project status? The Calendar view shows a monthly breakdown of all tasks assigned to be completed. Color-coordinated by completion, in progress, or not yet started, you’ll quickly be able to see project progression.Similarly, the Gantt Chart view allows you to view the critical path, removing any room for error or miscommunication of the order of tasks. Take even more advantage with the one-click Gantt Chart large format prints, with quick and direct shipping to you or the office.

NEW: Interactive Gantt Chart

The latest update for Pantera Tools Scheduling features provides an easy-to-use, interactive Gantt Chart view. Easily create and assign new tasks, view details, and even drag the tasks directly on the Gantt chart, updating all day or assignment changes to the whole project schedule. With dependencies enabled, you can update all of the affected trades with just one click.

Project Schedule Changes

Let’s face it. No matter how much preparation takes place, project schedules can change. Whether the supplies arrive late or the weather doesn’t feel like cooperating, project delays can cause rework and waste time. With the easy Schedule Change Requests, the team in the field can submit a request to change the due date or priority of a task with the suggested new start and due dates, including the reason for the schedule change request. If the Schedule Change Request is approved, all task assignments and overall project status will show the new due dates and priorities.

Remove the Miscommunication

Real-Time Updates

Need to check in with one of your team members while in the field? Quickly send them a private message, and even include attachments or photos.

RFI’s & Punch Lists

One of the leading causes of RFI’s is miscommunication between team members. With an instantaneous RFI tool, subcontractors who implement a streamlined process with construction software like Pantera can finally remove these delays. Similarly, the Punch List tool allows subcontractors to resolve and prioritize what needs to be done for the project.

Document Storage

Instead of wasting time exporting, importing, and organizing outside with document storage, subcontractors keep everything in one place by storing all project-related documents, photos, and attachments directly within Pantera Tools. By removing the third-party expense of document storage services, Pantera stores your files for you, so you can easily save and share them with your team. Easily use the Markups feature, including freehand for the mobile app, to keep everyone on the same page.

Connect Field & Office

In the Field

The most important way to streamline your workflow and projects is to make sure you’re on time and within budget. Being able to view and manage your projects in the field is critical. The best way to continue the communication with the back office and deciding stakeholders while in the field? Pantera Tools Mobile App.

Download the app for free today! Available for iOS and Android.

Daily Reports

Along with the entire construction industry, Daily Reports have transformed into easy-to-use, digital submissions for subcontractors. Right from your phone, subcontractors can submit as much information as they need, or you require. When you’re done with your Daily Report, you can digitally sign it and share it directly with everyone who needs it.

Stop Wasting, Start Saving.

Implementing construction software can be time-consuming and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! Pantera Tools was designed to be easy to use for all team members within your construction project. We offer a variety of features for subcontractors throughout the entire construction process. From bidding to executing, we encourage you to use the features you need to help you stop wasting time and resources and start saving.

View all Features for Subcontractors

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